Extensive Support Services for Exhibitors

Your enthusiastic preparation is the most important factor leading you to successful results. In order for you to make the most of the exhibition, Show Management prepares extensive support services to fully assist your participation.

  1. ● Online Business Matching FREE! 

    This Online Business Matching allows you to contact pharma sponsors, visiting researchers, professors and academic researchers, and exhibitors. Search through the system and send appointment requests. We strongly recommend you to take full advantage of this system for maximum results at the show.

  2. ● Complimentary Invitation Tickets & Exclusive VIP Guest Invitation FREE! 

    Exhibitors can request as many Complimentary Invitation Tickets as you need to send out to your customers. It brings the overview of the event including exhibitors list, conference program, and concurrent events.
    In addition, Exclusive VIP Guest Invitation is available for your important customers. Distribute VIP Invitation across the world to strengthen connection and to hold business discussions with your most valued customers on-site.

  3. ● Bilingual Business Signboard Order/Download Service FREE! 

    Catch the visitors' attention with appealing short phrases in large letters.
    In addition to posters/panels showing your products/technologies, we also recommend you to prepare Japanese signs to attract them well. Show Management will prepare Bilingual Business Signboards for you.

  4. ● Interpreter/Translator Agent Introduction Service OPTIONAL 

    Show Management will introduce a local interpreter/translator agent in Japan. It is always encouraged if you prepare interpreters/translators in business occasions abroad. While it enhances understanding, your potential customers passing by your booth will also feel ease when they find local language speakers.

  5. ● Other Support Services

    - Tips & Hows to be successful in Japan Event
    - BIOtech JAPAN / BioPharma Expo Logo Download Service
    - Introducing the Local Booth Contractor, Shipping, Hotel and Accommodation
    ... and timely follow-up from Show Management.

  • Contact Show Management for more exhibiting information!
    We will send you the following
    materials for free.
    • -List of Previous Exhibitors
    • -Updated Floor Plan
    • -Cost Estimation
    • etc.
    Exhibiting Information Request biotech@reedexpo.co.jp

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