WHY Japan?

1. Japan has a huge Biotech and Life Sciences market !
Japan has a huge Biotech and Life Sciences market!

Japan is:
- World’s 3rd largest pharmaceutical and biotech market after USA and China.
- World’s 3rd largest medical market.
- Ranked 2nd globally in terms of spending in pharmaceutical R&D.

Strong focus on Drug Discovery!

The figure on the right shows Top 10 Japanese pharmaceutical companies by R&D spend and Revenue.
By comparing the figures with Bristol-Myers Squibb*, a similar sized global company, it proves the strong focus the Japanese biopharma industry has on drug discovery.


Source: 2015 PwC

2. Increasing demand for biotech research and drug discovery!
Strong focus on Biopharmaceutical R&D

The World’s Biopharma industry is rapidly expanding.

The Japanese pharmaceutical industry is following the global trend of shifting from chemical drugs to biopharmaceuticals.

Japanese pharma companies are:
- focusing strongly on expanding their pipelines
- increasing R&D budgets for biopharmaceutical development

The Genomic Medicine market is another key focus

The Genome-related market is expected to double its size to USD 6.5 billion by 2020.
Japan has strong focus on Genome Medicine with special R&D budgets from the Government.
For those who have lab products/services such as Genomic Diagnostics Equipment, Reagents, Kits, Biobanks, Database Management Solutions, etc., Japan is a good target!

Japan = World’s leader in iPS cells, stem cells and Regenerative Medicine R&D

The Japanese Government announced to fund more than USD 1 billion in the course of 10 years for Regenerative Medicine (incl. iPS cell research) to accelerate commercialization. Top-level research and international collaborations are underway.

3. Areas of active research in Japan

The chart below shows active M&A by Japanese pharma companies in recent years. By checking their “Aims”, you can see the areas of active research. Set your target to Japan to expand your international business!

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Japan = Your HUGE business target !

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