WHY BIOtech Japan?

1. Offering the best business opportunities!
2. Co-held with 3 other shows – attracting the entire pharma industry!

1,710 exhibitors* in total !
BIOtech Japan 2018 will be co-held with BioPharma Expo 2018 – covering Biopharma R&D and manufacturing! It will also be co-held with INTERPHEX JAPAN, Japan’s largest* pharma manufacturing show, and in-PHARMA JAPAN, a pharma ingredients show. Held altogether, the shows will gather the entire pharma industry under one roof. Therefore, BIOtech Japan will offer you the best opportunity to expand your business in Japan and Asia!

“Largest” in reference to the net exhibit space of trade shows with the same concept.

*expected figures.


BIOtech Japan

BioPharma Expo

BIOtech Japan covers fundamental bio research technologies from technological seeds to lab supplies, devices and contract services.

Now co-held with INTERPHEX JAPAN and in-PHARMA JAPAN, a pharmaceutical manufacturing show, you will be able to meet a wider customer segment!

You can meet:

  • 1. In addition to drug discovery researchers from labs, you can also meet drug development specialists from both labs and factories.
  • 2. Pharma companies, Biopharma companies, middle/small-sized Pharma companies, Generic Pharma companies, etc.

NEWLY launching with STRONG requests from the industry!
BioPharma Expo covers the entire spectrum of Biopharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing.

By having BioPharma Expo co-held with BIOtech Japan, the 2 shows will attract more visitors who may be different from the contacts you already have!

You can meet:

Professionals from Pharma companies, CMOs, Drug Discovery Start-ups, etc.
specialized in:

  • - R&D - CMC Research
  • - Licensing, IP - Business Development etc.
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3. Free access to our Business Matching!
Find Japanese distributors!

FREE of charge Distributor Matching Support

The Japanese Biotech/Pharma industry establishes a very unique sales structure. It is important to understand and tackle this strategically.
In Japan, suppliers cannot contact the customers directly. So to launch your business in Japan, it is important to promote your products/services at exhibitions to attract attention from the end-users and also have good contacts with distributors.
If you are new to Japan and do not have distributors/importers yet, Show Management will support you!

Find new partners and research collaborations [Partnering]

FREE of charge Online Business Matching

-Business development managers, licensing managers from major pharma companies gather to uncover new research results, seeds and cutting-edge technologies. Our Pharma Sponsors are waiting for you!

-This Online Business Matching allows you to contact exhibitors, customers and prospects visiting the show. We strongly recommend you to take full advantage of this system for maximum results at the show.

BIOtech Japan Pharma Company Sponsors (2017)
The companies below supported the show as Pharma Company Sponsors.(company name in alphabetical order, as of April 28, 2017)

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Exhibit at BIOtech Japan and expand your business in Japan !

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