Pre-show / On-site Marketing Opportunities

BIOtech Japan / BioPharma Expo offers various free/charged marketing opportunities.

[ Free marketing opportunities ]

1. Listing on the Exhibitor & Product Search FREE! 
Your company name and technology/product details will be listed on the “Exhibitor & Product Search”, which has high access from industry professionals worldwide.
2. Direct e-mailing to Distributors FREE! 
“BIOtech Japan / BioPharma Expo Newsletters” will be sent to a large number of industry professionals regularly. These include information on exhibitors and their technologies as well as conferences, business matching events and various other information.
3. Direct Mailing FREE! 
A large number of invitation tickets will be sent out to industry executives and professionals in Japan/Asia and all over the world. These invitation tickets will enhance you to gain further recognition among industry professionals.
4. Press Release Services FREE! 
Show Management will prepare “Highlight of Exhibits” – an online media release covering information of exhibitors, sent directly to major press.

[ Optional marketing opportunities ]

1. Exhibitors’ Product/Technology Presentation
You can maximize your on-site business by holding your own presentation at the Exhibitors’ Product/Technology Presentation. Book a slot to promote your products/services to a mass audience at once.
2. Banner Advertisement on Official Show Website
The official show website will have huge access from the visitors and press prior to the show. You can insert your company banner on the official show website and draw special attention from industry professionals before the show.
3. Banner Advertisement on “Exhibitor & Product Search”
“Exhibitor & Product Search” is an online searching system used by visitors and press to search information for exhibitors/exhibits. By posting your company banner on “Exhibitor & Product Search”, you can announce your participation widely to visitors and press.
4. Floor Map Advertisement
All visitors will pick up the floor map when entering the exhibition halls. You can efficiently announce your participation to every visitor who comes to the show, by putting your company ad on the floor map.
5. Ad Posters inside the VIP Lounge
VIPs will visit the VIP Lounge to have business meetings or to take a break.
By placing your advertisement, you can promote your company to key industry professionals.
6. Hallway Advertisement
Advertisement will be placed in the hallway where many visitors pass by. Indicate your company name and booth number to promote your participation efficiently to
the visitors.
7. Hanging Banner inside the Exhibition Halls
During the 3-day show period, enormous number of visitors will be at Tokyo Big Sight. Having a large advertisement inside the exhibition hall will surely make an impact to visitors.

*The layout is subject to change.

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