Exhibition Outline

BIOtech 2013 Japan = Asian Hub of bio business

BIOtech Japan will bring 20,000* from entire Japan and also from other Asian countries.
Show Management carries out intensive visitor promotion to bring your target customers for your Asian sales. (*expected)

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Visitor Profile

  • Researchers from Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Researchers from Cosmetics, Food Manufacturers
  • Researchers from Universities, Research Institutes
  • Laboratory Technicians, Researchers from Medical Institutions and Testing/Inspection Centers

Exhibit Profile

>> Floor Plan

Basic/Applied Research Support Zone

  • Genomics-related
  • Proteomics-related
  • Culture-related
  • Cell Biology-related
  • Drug Research-related
  • Genomics-related
  • Various Equipment, Consumable Goods, Reagents, Valves, Pumps, etc.
  • Natural Extracts, Ingredients
  • Functional Food (Medicinal Foods, Nutraceuticals or Healthy Foods), Ingredients
  • Drug Discovery Support Systems
  • Systems, Software, Services, Databases
  • Bio Resources
  • Biomaterials (Nano Materials, Nanoparticles, etc.)
  • Biosafety, BCP (Business Continuity Plan), Crisis Management
  • Bio Clusters, Tech Parks, Investment, Industrial Promotion

Clinical & Diagnostics Zone

  • Genetic Testing Devices, Reagents, Testing Kits
  • DNA Microarray Analysis
  • Genetic Analyzers
  • In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Agents
  • Immunoassay Systems
  • General Equipment
  • Biomarker Discovery

Bio-imaging Zone

  • Microscopes
  • Cameras (Digital, CCD, etc.)
  • Image Processing System, Software, Light Sources, Lenses, Filters
  • Fluorescent/Luminescent Materials

Nano-bio/Fine Processing Zone

  • Precision/Fine Processing Technologies
  • Prototype Manufacturing, Device Manufacturing Services
  • Micro Chemicals (MicroTAS, Bio MEMS Biochips, Biosensors, etc.)
  • Micro Channels, Micro System etc.

Contract Services Zone

  • Contract R&D
  • Contract Expression, Synthesis, Refinement, Production, Manufacturing
  • Compound Libraries, Screening, Biomarker Research Services
  • Contract Test, Bioanalysis
  • Cell Generation, Cell Culturing Services
  • Transport, Logistics
  • Lab Animal-related Services
  • CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization)
  • CRO (Contract Research Organization)
  • SMO (Site Management Organization)
  • Researcher/Engineer Staffing Services
  • Educational Services
  • Laboratory, Research Designing
  • Intellectual Property, Technology Consulting
  • Intellectual Property Management Services
  • Technology Transfer, TLO
  • Management Consulting, Venture Capital, Financing
  • Technical Reviewing, Translation Services
  • Bookbinding (Academic Papers) Services
  • Marching Support, Coordinating

Biopharmaceutical Development Area

  • Drug Discovery Seeds, Technologies
  • Small Molecules, Biopharmaceuticals, Vaccines
  • Genetic Modification
  • Recombinant DNA Technologies
  • Recombination Protein
  • Antigens, Antibodies
  • Bioprocessing-related Technologies, Services
  • Assays

iPS/ES Cell Research Area

  • Cell Culture, Cell Production Services
  • Cell Biology-related
  • Regenerative Medicine, Cellular Medicine
  • Culture Equipment, Stirring Devices, Culture Media, Reagents

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