About BIOtech 2017

BIOtech Japan 2017 = Asian Hub of bio business
BIOtech Japan 2017 is a comprehensive bio event, consisting of [Exhibition], [Conference], [Partnering] and [Academic Forum].

Covering fundamental biotechnology, from genomics, immunology to iPS and Regenerative Medicine research, BIOtech Japan gathers the industry's most cutting-edge technologies.

Furthermore, BIOtech Japan 2017 will be co-held with NEWLY launching show, BioPharma Expo 2017 -- Covering Biopharma R&D and manufacturing!
It will also be co-held with INTERPHEX JAPAN, Japan's largest pharma manufacturing show and in-PHARMA JAPAN, a pharma ingredients show. Held altogether, it will gather the entire pharma industry under one roof, and BIOtech Japan will offer you the best opportunity to expand your business in Japan and Asia!

BIOtech Japan 2017
16th Int'l Biotech & Life Sciences Exhibition and Conference開く

General Zone

  • Genomics-related
  • Proteomics-related
  • Culture-related
  • Cell Biology-related
  • Drug Research-related
  • Bio-imaging Devices
  • Testing/Diagnostic Devices, Reagents
  • Various Equipment, Consumables, Reagents, Valves, Pumps
  • Natural Extracts
  • Bio Resources, Biomaterials (Nano Materials/Particles)
  • Systems, Software, Services, Databases
  • Biosafety, BCP, Crisis Management
  • Bio Clusters, Tech Parks, Investment, Industrial Promotion
  • etc.

Regenerative Medicine / Stem Cell Research Zone

  • Cell Culture, Cell Production Services
  • Cell Biology-related
  • Culture Equipment, Stirring Devices, Culture Media, Reagents
  • Regenerative Medicine, Cellular Medicine
  • etc.

Contract Services Zone

  • Contract R&D, Test, Bioanalysis
  • Cell Generation, Cell Culturing Services
  • Contract Expression, Synthesis, Refinement, Production
  • Transport, Logistics
  • Lab Animal-related Services
  • Compound Libraries, Screening, Biomarker Research Services
  • Technology Transfer, TLO
  • Intellectual Property, Consulting, VC, Financing
  • Technical Reviewing, Translation
  • etc.

Genome Zone - From Analysis to Data Application

  • Equipment and Reagents
  •  - Genomic Diagnostics Equipment
  •  - Reagents
  •  - Next-generation Sequencers
  •  - Biomarkers, etc.
  • Database Management, Solutions
  •  - Genome Database Management
  •  - Security Measures (System and Services)
  •  - Data Storage Services/Solutions
  •  - Analysis Software/Tools
  •  - Big Data Integration Platforms
  •  - Hadoop
  •  - Genetic Data Acquisition, etc.
  • Databases, Biobanks
  •  - Genome Database
  •  - Various Databases
  •  - Biobanks, etc.
  • Contract Services
  •  - Contract Analysis, etc.

Fine Processing Zone

  • Precision/Fine Processing Technologies
  • Prototype Manufacturing, Device Manufacturing Services
  • Micro Chemicals (MicroTAS, Bio MEMS, Biochips, Biosensors)
  • Micro Channels, Micro Systems
  • etc.

Drug Discovery Support Equipment, Reagents, Services

  • Analysis Equipment (Gene, Protein)
  • Automatic Pipetting Equipment
  • Drug Discovery Reagents
  • HTS Related Products
  • Compound Databases, Bioinformatics
  • Contract R&D Services
  • Consulting
  • etc.

Measuring, Analysis

  • Measuring Equipment (Temperature, Particle Size, Refraction)
  • Process Development Equipment
  • Various Measuring/Analysis Equipment
  • Analysis Equipment, Related Products
  • etc.

Biopharmaceutical Development

  • Drug Discovery Seeds, Technologies
  • Small Molecule Drugs, Biopharmaceuticals, Vaccines
  • Genetic Modification
  • Recombinant Proteins
  • Antigens, Antibodies
  • Bioprocessing Services, Related Products
  • Assays
  • etc.

Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

  • APIs, Intermediates
  • Additives
  • Functional Ingredients
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Natural Extracts
  • Analytical/Synthesis Services
  • DDS (Drug Delivery System)
  • etc.

Exhibition (Floor Plan) (preliminary)

―Meet the Pharma Sponsors

Partnering is another important pillar. Business Development Managers, Licensing Managers from major pharma companies gather in search for new research results, seeds and cutting-edge technologies. Our Pharma Sponsors are waiting to meet you.

BIOtech Japan Pharma Company Sponsors

The companies below are supporting the show as Pharma Company Sponsors.

(company name in alphabetical order, as of April 28, 2017)


Alongside the exhibition, 250* presentations will be held throughout the 3-day show period. BIOtech Japan allows you to grab an overview of the entire bio-pharma technology trend in Japan and Asia.


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Academic Forum

130* academic researchers from universities and national/public institutes unveil their latest research achievements - another hot venue for business development managers and licensing managers who are in search for new seeds and business collaborations.