• What is BIOtech 2014 Japan?

    Gathering 600* exhibitors, 200* presentations and 15,000* visitors, BIOtech Japan is Asia's LARGEST industry gathering. Be a part of this big event, where new business opportunities, technological innovations and industry-academia collaborations are born!

    • Exhibition - Asia's largest with 600* exhibitors.
    • Conference - Hot topics and the latest research achievements addressed in total 200* presentations.
    • Partnering - Interactive networking opportunity involving academics, biotech companies & pharma companies.

    (*expected, including co-held IVD Japan 2014)

  • Applications for Visitors

    • VIP Registration (free)
      Those with a title of Manager or above are offered privileges such as [Free attendance to the Keynote and Invited Session] and [Free usage of VIP Lounge].

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    • Member Registration (free)
      Members are offered privileges such as [Free attendance to all the Keynote, Invited and Special Sessions] and [Receiving customised proposals from exhibitors and academic presenters].

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  • BIOtech Japan 2014 is supported by both the industry and the academic sector.

    ■BIOtech Japan 2014 Pharma Company Sponsors

    (in random order)

    < Members of Advisory Committee >

    • Chairman
      Ken-ichi Arai
      Professor Emeritus,
      The University of Tokyo

    • Hiroshi Kiyono
      Dean and Professor,
      The Institute of Medical Science,
      The University of Tokyo

    • Tatsuhiko Kodama
      Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology,
      The University of Tokyo

    • Hideyuki Okano
      Dept. of Physiology,
      Keio University School of Medicine

    • Kazunori Kataoka
      Graduate School of Engineering,
      Graduate School of Medicine,
      The University of Tokyo

    • Teruo Okano
      Vice President and Professor,
      Member of the Science Council of Japan,
      Tokyo Women's Medical University

    • Takuji Sasaki
      NODAI Research Institute,
      Tokyo University of Agriculture

    • Tatsumi Yamazaki
      Distinguished Advisor,
      Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    • Yuzuru Matsuda
      Senior Advisor,
      Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd.

    • Toichi Takenaka
      Japan Health Sciences Foundation

    • Kazuto Nishio
      Professor and Chairman,
      Dept. of Genome Biology,
      Kinki University Faculty of Medicine

      <in charge of IVD Japan 2014>

    • Tsutomu Nobori
      Dept. of Molecular and Lab. Medicine,
      Mie University Graduate School of Medicine

      <in charge of IVD Japan 2014>

    • Shuichi Hayashi
      Vice President and Head of In Vitro Diagnostics, Roche Diagnostics K.K.

    <in charge of IVD Japan 2014>

    (Honorifics omitted. As of Mar. 27th, 2014)